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    Living wines of thousands of years of heritage
Arcadia Vineyards

The biggest feature of Arcadia Wines is that they are living wines made with minimal manipulation. The care shown in the cultivation of grapes in the vineyard continues with the collection of each bunch separately by hand. In order for the grape not to lose its flavor, it is very important that it is not torn in any way until it is processed, the wort does not flow and the peel is not damaged.

That’s why the harvest of Arcadia Vineyards is done with scissors, not with a knife. Grapes are carried in small baskets with holes so that they are crushed by the weight of each other and their juices do not flow. These details about the production process are important factors that determine the naturalness and quality of the wine.

With Traditional Methods
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9 different types of grapes

In the shadow of the Strandja Mountains in the northeast of Thrace

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Arcadia Vineyards
Bakucha vıneyard hotel
In the Middle of Nature
Today, when the concept of luxury has been redefined as real and delicious food, a holiday experience intertwined with nature and free from waste, Bakucha Vineyard presents all this with a look that blends naturalness, simplicity and elegance, creating an original space that meets all the criteria of a hotel integrated with nature.
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